About Us

Project Aaina is an idea rooted in self- reflection. The purpose behind this initiative is to stream into the inner consciousness of an individual through an organic artistic process. We organize bona fide therapeutic art retreats that involve paint circles, meditation, sound healing, music sessions, movement-based activities, and hikes in the lap of the purest form of art itself; mother nature.

The natural artistic process creates a seamless experience for the individual to tap into their natural flow, understand their expression, and authentically communicate with their innermost self. The art comes from a place of genuine flow and not the need for the canvas to look like a masterpiece, art for what art has always been; expression of what's innate to our consciousness.

Through our retreats, you break your negative patterns and achieve a sense of peace with your inner self. You go back to your daily lives with a bag full of memories, some unforgettable connections, a free- spirited soul and a self-reflection that helps you know yourself better.

Meet the team

Rajvi Vats

Founder & Artistic Director

Shlok Gera

Community Head & Music Facilitator

Manisha Sharma

Spiritual Mentor & Yoga Facilitator

Ipssa Saklani

Creative Head & Designer

Priya Pachattu