24th January to 29th January 2024


IN Coorg, Karnataka

A 5-Day Mindfulness Retreat amidst the Coffee Estates of Coorg

let's travel outside, to dive within.

What is ARTCATION all about?

Picasso once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one as we grow up.”
Reflecting on the same idea, Project Aaina brings to you an Artcation. 

Wondering if you have to be an artist to join us? Well, let us give you some awesome news, you already are one! You do not have to be a master of the craft to know art. We are here to inculcate artistic expression through the free flow of conversations and experiences. We paint and dance as a child does, not for a product but for expression. We help build a safe space for our guests to explore their creativity, build meaningful connections, and share their stories. With intense research and spiritual application, we have curated sessions that allow our guests to establish a deeper connection with their emotions, letting go of the self they have created to reach out to the self that sits within. It's not about creating “a good-looking artwork” it’s about the process, the energy, and the conversations with people that flow into your canvas.
The sessions include art and movement-based activities, musical activities, and interactive activities such as painting, yoga, meditation, and sound healing to name a few. We potently believe & actively endorse Art as a “Process” and not as a “Product”, enabling people to reclaim their relationship with Art.
NOTE: You don’t need to have any background in Art or be an Artist. It’s about flowing from one medium to another.

When is it happening?

24th January to 29th January 2024


Where is it happening?

Our retreat this time will happen in the Scotland of India - Coorg. 

Our host for this retreat will be RoseWood Homestay which is amidst 70 acres of lush green coffee estate and is a typical Kodava Heritage home-style property surrounded by nature. If you are a free spirit and a nature enthusiast, this place is truly meant for you. 

You are going to be walking into a property that has:

1. The High swing, tied to a 400-year-old wild mango tree to give you an experience of the Bali swing 

2. The Magnificent lake, which is spread over 1.1 acres within the paddy field

3. The Coffee Plantation, which you can stroll through and get to know the entire process of how your favourite coffee beans are grown

Guess what? If you enjoy photography,  carry your DSLR! If you're lucky, you may get to spot the wildlife of the Western Ghats, like The Malabar Giant squirrel, Indian Porcupine, Indian Pangolin, Malabar Pit Viper, Malabar Large Spotted Civet, Stripe Necked Mongoose, Malabar grey hornbill and many more!

This retreat in a serene environment surrounded by trees and water bodies will help you unplug from your daily stress and truly rejuvenate your inner self.  

Note - The network during our retreat will fluctuate, please plan accordingly.     

What are you investing in?

* There is a double occupancy and single occupancy room available at an extra charge to the present budget *

What is the price of investing in yourself?

You can experience this entire Retreat for a budget of INR 46,999/- only.
(Early bird, student, and group discounts available)

A portion of this money is used to provide activities for underprivileged children.

Travel (Meeting Point)


What is the Group size?

We keep the group size limited to 18 participants, to curate a personalized experience

What’s the day-wise journey like?

DAY 1 - 25th Jan 2024

DAY 2 - 26th Jan 2024

Coffee Connoisseur's Delight: A Day Dedicated to the Bean

Wake up and smell the coffee because today's itinerary is all about this beloved beverage:

DAY 3 - 27th Jan 2024

DAY 4 - 28th Jan 2024

DAY 5 - 29th Jan 2024

Why should you join this retreat?

The reasons are simple:

For those of you who don't understand anything except bullet points, here you go: 

Don't stress too much, you deserve this break. 

Contact us and book your slot rightaway.

The Location




* You are requested to respect Nature, the culture of the region, and the sentimental values of the locals. You must refrain from acts of littering, intoxication in public areas, and disrespecting people, animals, or any places of worship at all times.

* We at Project Aaina do not support the use of any kind of Intoxication since we’re here on a spiritual journey. The use of drugs, alcohol consumption and smoking is prohibited during the retreats.

*You have to be 18+ to attend our retreats. If you are below 18, we will require you to submit an NOC signed by your parents or guardian.

*All meals provided during the retreats will be vegetarian. The ingredients will be locally sourced with an aim of keeping meals fresh and nourishing, enhance the authentic cuisine experience.

* You are responsible for yourself and your belongings for the entire duration of the Retreat. The organisers are not responsible for any theft or loss of your personal belongings or for any personal injury caused to you. The organisers are also not responsible for any personal effect during or post the trip due to Covid - 19. We are trying our best to take precautions, and your help and cooperation are appreciated.

*Uninformed movement by participants during the day and night outside the property is strictly prohibited; the host or the organizers will not be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances.

* Payment policy-  You can temporarily book your seat by paying the registration fee online. Interested individuals are requested to pay the full payment inorder to secure their spot for the retreat.

* Refund policy- The registration fee and the advance payment is a non-refundable amount under any circumstances, however, we understand that an unexpected change of plans is always a possibility, so if you are unable to attend your Retreat, you can transfer your slot to someone else, do let us know at least two weeks before the start of the Retreat.

* If a Retreat has been postponed/cancelled due to Covid or any natural disaster, the payments shall be adjusted towards the rescheduled Retreat.

* A Covid - 19 negative test certificate is mandatory if you haven't got both doses of vaccine.

* If you have been previously tested positive, make sure you have completed the general self-quarantine time period of 7 days, and also given your body and mind time to recover. If your symptoms have subsided, you are most welcome. Take a test again, as the negative certificate is mandatory.

* Masks and personal sanitisers are mandatory on the trip. Make sure you carry them. It's for your own safety, and for the safety of your fellow co- travellers. Little precautions can go a long way. You are requested to help us in this, and be aware of taking necessary precautions.

*We don’t support any kind of mistreatment/bullying. Consent is a very important factor in the case of every participant and team member at Project Aaina. Happy hugs are always welcome.

*You will be asked to leave the retreat immediately if you fail to follow the above-mentioned policies.