About Us

Our Purpose

Project Aaina is an organization that started with the objective of self-reflection. The purpose of this initiative is to stream into the inner consciousness of an individual through an organic artistic process. We curate a diverse range of events, spanning from immersive mindfulness retreats and community welfare activities to engaging one-day experiences that facilitate a connection with one's inner self through consciously curated activities in the lap of the purest form of art itself; mother nature.

Project Aaina is a huge advocate for different forms of art as a tool for introspection and healing. With a nurturing and inclusive environment, we provide a safe space for individuals to engage in enriching activities that nurture their minds, bodies, and souls.

Our retreats offer a gateway to self-exploration, inviting participants to delve into different aspects of themselves, bask in the wonders of nature, and forge meaningful connections with a diverse community of like-minded individuals. Join us on this vibrant journey of self-discovery and create memories that will last a lifetime.    

Meet the Team!

Rajvi Vats

Founder and Artistic Director

Meet Rajvi, the founder of Project Aaina, a unique blend of strength and grace. Her journey, from childhood art passion to becoming a first-generation woman entrepreneur, led to the creation of Project Aaina.Being a first-generation woman entrepreneur, starting a business from scratch was never easy, yet she managed to gather a team that believes in the cause. Apart from being the powerhouse of Project Aaina, she’s a painter, an aspiring classical singer, and speaks french. Here as a proud team, we present to you, someone who is empathetic, believes in the power of healing, and in the magic that is Art, the founder of Project Aaina, Rajvi Vats

Shlok Gera

Community Head and Operations

Meet Shlok Gera, one of the invaluable pillars of Project Aaina. A gifted musician, Shlok's passion for art infuses joy into every endeavor. He's a percussionist who harmonizes with nature's melodies amid the wilderness, sharing the stage with the birds. Shlok is your friendly companion, who'll help you find beauty in simplicity and lend a listening ear. His profound love and respect for nature are truly commendable. As an animal lover, he cherishes his two delightful canine companions, Bru and Waggy. In the words of Einstein, 'Time is relative,' and around Shlok Gera, you'll discover that this couldn't be truer

Manisha Sharma

Spiritual Mentor and Facilitator

Meet Mrs. Manisha Sharma, our experienced and multifaceted team member. With expertise in Reiki, sound healing, yoga, meditation, and more, she's been a cornerstone of Project Aaina from the beginning. Beyond her healing abilities, she's a painter, textile designer, and a nurturing presence in our team. Her cup of chai and wisdom have kept us grounded through storms, making her our cherished spiritual mentor.

Rishita C

Creative Intern

Introducing Rishita, an invaluable member of our team at Project Aaina. Diligence and artistry are her hallmarks, making her an indispensable part of our creative family. With a responsible and cheerful disposition, Rishita brings a ray of positivity to every project. Her keen sense of fashion is not just a style statement but a wellspring of inspiration for those around her. Beyond her role at Project Aaina, she is an aspiring designer, a canvas where her artistic genius unfolds, weaving innovation and creativity into every endeavor.

Riddhi Bairagi

Marketing Intern

Meet Riddhi, our dynamic marketing intern, and a true experiential enthusiast. She's not only passionate about Sustainable Practices and the Metaverse but also thrives on innovative and creative marketing strategies. Having lived in 5+ states and embraced diverse cultures, she brings a rich tapestry of perspectives to the team. With an optimistic outlook, she sees every challenge as a stepping stone in life's grand journey!