The Coorg Experience

By Vidhi Kochar

It's been a week since I came back from the Artcation. 

This retreat has made me aware of myself, my feelings, and my ability to create something from within. I am neither artistic nor enjoy painting; however, expressing my emotions, feelings, and mindset through art was an ethereal experience. It all feels like yesterday when I came across Project Aaina's page, and I found it so cool that I instantly followed it. Seeing this retreat happen on the long weekend of my birthday, I felt like I didn't want to miss it for anything. Everything fell into place, and I was in Coorg with 2 friends and 9 other complete strangers along with the team. 

Every session they held was self-reflective, and every session was beautifully curated and connected well with each other. Meditation, art, percussion, body movement sessions, and heart-to-heart conversations with them all gave me a wholesome and surreal experience. The team creates magic in such a manner that never fails to give an energetic environment and unforgettable memories for every participant present. Words would never be enough to explain whatever I felt and experienced while I was there.

It was my first time traveling without my parents and away from home on my birthday. Nonetheless, everyone present made it so memorable for me, and I feel elated to have decided to go to Coorg with Team Aaina. From personally curated sessions to ensuring the comfort and safety of every participant, they made it all worthwhile. The property played a massive role in enhancing our experience away from the hustle, bustle, and noisiness of the city amidst lush green trees, with a breathtakingly beautiful view, and my favorite part of it was the swing! It made me forget all worries and embrace the present with an open mind and heart. 

I can indeed say that Project Aaina made me explore and discover myself in a unique way. 

A song lyric that would resonate with my experience is

“Gaata Rahe Mera Dil, 

Tu Hi merii manzil haye, 

Kahi beete na ye raatein

Kahi beetein na ye din”